Ibnu Sabil

What's Meant By Asnaf Ibnu Sabil?

Ibnu Sabil according Majority of Scholars is a metaphor for the journey of people moving / moved from one place / area to one area to another. It is also easily understood as the person who outages [expenses] during the trip [safar] and those who want to start a journey [safar] as required by legislation.

Now, the lessons pensyariaatan zakat on those Ibn Sabil This is for the purpose of preserving the rights of the traveler follows:


  • Travel / traveler who commanded Muslims to seek;
  • Travel / traveler who commanded Muslims to seek knowledge, to see and reflect on the power of God;
  • Travel / journey to the war / jihad fi sabilillah;
  • Travel / traveling for Hajj; and
  • Other destinations traveler who does not conflict with the intent of legislation.
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