MAIM Holdings Bhd

MAIM Holdings Bhd.

MAIM Holdings Bhd.

Maim Holdings Berhad was established by the Majlis Agama Islam Melaka by Section 27 (B) 2 (e) of the Administration of Islamic Law Malacca in 1994 that provides power under Majlis Agama Islam Melaka to set up his company below to carry out business activities. Maim Holdings Bhd has established three subsidiaries active in activities.

Business Activities

  1. Oil Palm Plantation
    MHB entrusted by the MAIM to control oil palm plantations in Air Paabas 70 acre and have started producing and oil palm plantations in an area of 45 acres Kelemak a new age of approximately 3 years while the land belongs to Maim in Ayer Panas 15 acres still in clearing and cultivation of oil palm trees.
  2. Building Cleaning
    MHB has also been awarded the contract for cleaning services in complex Melaka Islamic Religion Council, Melaka Islamic Religion Department and the Department of Melaka Mufti.
  3. Insurance agents Takaful Ikhlas
    MHB collaborate with Tradewinds Int. Brokers S / B as Agent General Insurance for Takaful Ikhlas Sdn. , Reform Vehicle Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Fire, Money Transit and etc.
  4. Management Subsidiary
    MHB has established subsidiaries under which active in carrying out business activities, namely :-
  5. MAIM Bentara Sdn.Bhd.
    MAIM Bentara Security Sdn.Bhd.
    MAIM Industries Sdn.Bhd.
    Accordingly, MHB provide services in terms of personnel management, accounting records of the subsidiaries to be reported to Maim.
  6. For futher information contact : -
    NO.TEL : 06 - 2819580
    NO.FAX : 06 - 2811654

For futher information contact : -


NO.TEL : 06 - 2819580

NO.FAKS : 06 - 2811654


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