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1. How do I get help from Maim charity?

Aid charity of  Maim can be requested through the Help Request Form which is available at the counter or through Zakat Distribution Maim website.

2. What are the requirements for me to get help from Maim?

Terms eligibility for assistance may be referred to the charity Zakat<Permohonan Bantuan Fakir/Miskin> menu or can refer to the official distribution of Zakat in Council Agama Islam Melaka.

3. What type of help can I get from Maim?

The types of assistance available from  Maim is like: -Refer     Zakat<Permohonan Bantuan Fakir/Miskin>Bantuan Agihan Zakat>.

4. Whether Maim provides education loans for new students?

Maim party does not distribute new study loans for students who want to go to university but the Maim has been delivering aid to the Melaka Education Trust Fund (TAPEM). Thus, the student can apply for these loans there.

5. How can I get an aid school?

Aid can be requested using the form Maim school.

6. If I have donated land for benefaction, what ways do I do?

Benefaction is something that depends on a justification, so sir/madam must refer first to benefaction officials concerned to do benefaction  .

7. How do I make a cash or stock benefaction endowments?

Cash benefaction, or endowment of shares may be exercised in person and fill out the form to Maim benefaction shares subsequently paying at the level of the financial section 1.

8. I was a convert who had embraced Islam, where is the place for me to learn Islam?

If sir / madam was a convert sir / madam can continue to get guidance on ISLAM CENTER, Jalan Kesidang, Spinning Kesidang Section 2, Melaka. Telephone: 06-3372873.We will also continue to assist sir / madam, if sir / madam registered with ISLAMIC CENTER.

9. How can I become a volunteer BSAT, Maim?

To become a volunteer, sir / madam can fill the application form available on the Agency for Volunteer Al-Taqwa (BSAT),Taman Laksamana Peringgit, Malacca. Telephone: 06-2868109.

10. What are the duties of a volunteer?

A volunteer will help Maim normally rapidly to become a volunteer and perform tasks on a voluntary basis.


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