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Administration & Services


  1. Study and plan staffing requirements in MAIM
  2. Manage appointments, confirmation of the award of pensionable employee
  3. Manage and review the staffing requirements and exchange
  4. Managing the contract appointing members of the service
  5. Manage service contract renewal and termination
  6. Maintain and update the service books Statement
  7. Manage all types of service members leave application
  8. Manage the process of staff retirement
  9. Manage promotions
  10. Manage all strains integrity and security clearance
  11. Prepare a statement of changes in Kew. 8
  12. Secretariat of the Disciplinary Committee
  13. Secretariat of the Establishment Committee
  14. Secretariat to the Committee integrity and Addressing Bureaucratic
  15. Panel Secretariat of Human Resources Development and Competency Board
  16. Manage and coordinate the annual performance assessment
  17. Managing the implementation of Competency Level Assessment (PTK).
  18. Managing production confirmation letters and certificates of service


  1. Study and plan staffing requirements in MAIM
  2. Study, plan and manage the training needs of staff
  3. Plan and formulate plans and staff training methodology
  4. Planning and managing special induction courses and coordinate common induction course for staff
  5. Examination of staff
  6. Manage staff guidance and counseling services
  7. Arranging courses related to staffing staff
  8. Design staff career development plan
  9. Pursued an ongoing program for staff
  10. Analyze the effectiveness of the training needs of staff
  11. Identifying competencies and skills training for staff
  12. Manage retirees activity
  13. Civil service examinations organized by the Secretariat of the JPA and SPA
  14. Arrange a special program for the skills, knowledge and competence of the employees

Information Technology

  1. Planning ICT infrastructure department
  2. Designing, implementing, documenting and maintaining application systems
  3. Provide technical support and technical training required by service personnel in the ICT business
  4. Carrying out works related to the management and maintenance of computer equipment including accessories and services
  5. Maintain all ICT equipment such as computer servers
  6. Maintaining the safety of all database servers, computers and ICT equipment
  7. Conducting research in the field of operation and network
  8. Updating and maintaining the website and e-mail the department from time to time
  9. Provide information and data storage system that systematically and in accordance with the administrative requirements zakat, wakaf and financial MAIM
  10. Manage and coordinate information and personnel data through HRMIS
  11. Maintain all systems data and information storage MAIM
  12. Prepare various reports coordinated development of information systems that have been developed
  13. Plan and coordinate appropriate training to members of Maim services in the field of IT
  14. Plans to improve the quality of ICT services
  15. Plan and carry out work on the processing and maintenance of data for all information systems developed according to the


  1. Publishes the department
  2. Manage the publication of brochures, pamphlets and printed materials department
  3. Providing storage systems for digital recording reference
  4. Record all activities and departments in digital form
  5. Prepare layout/design printing for office
  6. Coordinate an annual report post
  7. Providing Islamic calendar every year
  8. The angle information by providing materials/information for public reference department / customer
  9. Coordinate the development/update the corporate video departments
  10. Review and save the clippings in all print media for reference
  11. Reprint books alloy according to perceived religious Muslim community
  12. Publishes reference books new form of religion for Muslims
  13. Running a promotion programs and activities department to the media and the public
  14. Departments and third party intermediaries print and electronic media
  15. Coordinate department exhibition to the public/customers
  16. Prepare/distribute news and information to the media
  17. Providing news/updates on the department's website
  18. Prepare and manage electronic advertising space to outside agencies interested
  19. Arrange for the use of newspaper circulation department
  20. Manage all customer complaints and prepare reports for feedback


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