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Finance and Account


  1. Ensure that the results cited by the Council in accordance systematic with the Administration enactments of Melaka Islamic Religion Council 2002 and Financial Best Practices of Melaka Islamic Religion Council
  2. Manage receipt of rental payments, business loans and other results MAIM
  3. Regulate the collection MAIM counter
  4. Manages the preparation of the statement of revenue collection
  5. Maintain daily collection and bank statements to Collector
  6. Regulate the stocks of official receipt MAIM
  7. Maintain a stock book receipts MAIM (Kew 67 & 68 )
  8. Maintain all data and information related to the results
  9. Provides reports on a monthly basis Council
  10. Check proceeds zakat and fitrah of Zakat Centre Melaka


  1. Ensuring Financial Statements Maim provided is accurate and complete
  2. Ensuring Financial Statements Maim get Unqualified Auditor General
  3. Preparing Financial Statements Maim on or before February 28 next year
  4. Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements Majlis Agama Islam Melaka with Subsidiary before 30 April of the following year
  5. Ensure that all data and information results in accounting records are maintained accurately and regularly
  6. Manage and account for all revenues and expenses in the accounting system MAIM
  7. Regulating Maim account
  8. Make adjustments to the transaction if necessary
  9. Prepare bank reconciliation statements each month
  10. Provides answers to audit observations audit the financial statements, management and accountability index zakat
  11. Control and management of the budget is made according to the rules
  12. Ensure provision in the budget and enough cash in the bank before the acquisition was made
  13. Control provisions are consistent and in line with Council policy council
  14. Preparation of the budget book MAIM
  15. Organise internal budget meeting to discuss budget Maim Maim accordance with the relevant parts
  16. Preparing the draft budget to be submitted to news Legal Advisor's Office
  17. The council oversees the vote book
  18. Record all transactions related to the purchase request to the vote book MAIM
  19. Monitor and advise the subsidiaries in the preparation of the budget and financial management


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