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Objective, Vision and Mission


  1. Encourage and mobilize the Muslim community towards improving the science and practice of excellence in accordance with the purpose of creating a viable society, moral and ambitious based on Islamic law.
  2. Make Maim as a unifying organization ummah and the Muslim community in reference problems that arise
  3. Foster unity among peoples of different races, religions and cultures through the missionary effective and robust.
  4. To promote and develop the treasury to stabilize the economy as berperancangan neat and careful in the field of investment, construction and businesses that do not conflict with legislation.
  5. Build and develop zakat institutions for the benefit of the Muslim community.


To be a leading organization, efficient, friendly and quality in enhancing the role of the treasury and to enhance the socio-economic development in accordance with Islamic ummah.


Management Sector :

  1. Form of management that meets the current requirements in accordance with the latest technological developments.

Baitulmal Sector :

  1. Designing and shaping the development of self-esteem Asnaf with pure and noble in improving the socio-economic.
  2. Diversifying sources and treasury activities for effective implementation of property management.



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