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Development And Investment


A. Project Development

  1. To manage land applications for the construction of mosques, prayer, religious primary schools and other development needs.
  2. To update property records for assets.
  3. To manage payment services, land tax, doors, etc.
  4. To manage application protest / appeal for exemption ratings / amendments to the provisions of quit rent and assessment.
  5. Land development plan.
  6. Coordinate and implement development projects MAIM.
  7. Monitor and oversee the implementation of development projects in progress.

B. Maintenance

  1. Ensure that buildings and premises owned MAIM in good and safe condition.
  2. Supervise and monitor maintenance of hardware and installation in buildings belonging to Maim.


  1. Investment planning
  2. To manage administrative affairs, planning activities and budget estimates and Development Division of Investment
  3. The secretariat to the next meeting
  4. Development and Investment Committee
  5. Meeting of the Development and Investment
  6. Asset Management Committee
  7. Identify investment returns to Maim
  8. Managing quotation and tender documents for procurement and maintenance work Maim.
  9. Manage the administration and management at the pre-contract and post-contract
  10. Monitor investment rate MAIM
  11. Regulate the establishment and functioning of Subsidiaries owned MAIM.
  12. Manage insurance of buildings owned MAIM
  13. Manage rental property MAIM and  rental revenue collection




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