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Applications Assistance Fakir / Poor

Zakat Distribution Assistance

To carrying out the mandate of zakat money that was paid by MAIM has allocated all the tithes into several activities for the benefit of the Muslims among them Malacca MAIM assistance programs which have been categorized in the designated recipients of assistance provided by MAIM.

a. Monthly Assistance
  1. Food Aid Foundation (Small Family/ Large Family)
  2. Savings of Tabung Haji
  3. Hemodialysis Treatment
  4. Employee Assistance Volunteers

b. Annual Assistance
  1. Hari Raya Assistance
  2. Clothing School (Fakir Children's / Poor / Convert)

  1. General Assistance
  2. Spectacles Assistance
  3. Assistance Loan Calculator (Fakir son)
  4. Marriage Scheme Single Mother
  5. Assistance To Fully Residential

Applications for Assistance

Applications for Assistance MAIM should be made using the original form and completed with the confirmation of the Imam, Chairman of the Committee JKKK or parish each applicant.

Each completed application must be accompanied by supporting documents that have been approved by the JKKK priest applicant resides;

  1. 2 pieces passport size photographs of the applicant
  2. 1 copy of identity card
  3. 1 copy of the Certificate of Divorce (if divorced live)
  4. 1 copy of the death certificate (if divorced death)
  5. 1 copy of the applicant's birth certificate (if any)
  6. 1 Copy of Birth Certificate / Identity Card children for each dependent under the applicant

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Age Limit
  1. Set to age 18 years and over (age less than 18 years shall be represented by a parent or guardian)
  1. Family Status
  1. Married with there dependents
  2. Single with disabilities (physical disability and mental)
  3. Single mothers who have already lost their dependents rely
  1. Dependents who live with the applicant
  1. Biological Children
  2. Nephew
  3. No place depending
  1. Income
  1. Income less than RM51.00 per person for a family
  2. Income uncertainty and insufficient
  3. No place depending

Application Guidelines for Assistance the Poor

General requirements for assistance are as follows:

  1. A Muslim;
  2. Born or residing in Malacca at least 10 years; and
  3. Household income / house level does not exceed the poverty line Malacca [Not exceeding RM 840.00 per month for a family of 4 members: RM 210.00 per capita [in 2013]].

How to Get Form?

  1. Get application forms at a branch office in the district center MAIM, Jasin and Alor Gajah; or
  2. Dealing directly in front MAIM at the Islamic Center of Malacca, Bukit Palah; or
  3. Download the form on the website


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