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Malacca Waqf & General Resource Management


Endowments literally means 'cease' or 'restrained'.

In terms of terminology is submit their property or part of property to the possession or to the possession of law Allah S.W.T; with the aim get closer to Allah; and eventually donated benefit or the result to the welfare that determined by waqif forever.

Endowments are also known by the name of alms deeds which is alms that continuos reward from time to time as long as the reward is utilized.

  Source / Nas Pensyariatan Wakaf   Waqif's Principle  
  Resource endowments nas rule this practice is of Prophet Muhammad SAW, which means :

"Upon the death of the son of Adam, severed practice except 3 things :
  1. Sadaqah (waqf)
  2. Knowledge that are valuable
  3. Virtuous son pray
  1. People who waqf (waqif)
  2. Things or property that was endowed (mauquf)
  3. Parties who receive benefits (mauquf alaihi)
  4. Pronouncement of waqf (sighah)

  Terms of Waqif   Conditions Donated Property  
  1. Merdeka, mime and Sanity
  2. Qualified for charitable and not obstructed shopping (al-Mahjur 'alaihi')
  3. Voluntary

  1. Donated property must be in the form of a specific object
  2. Donated property must be owned waqif and transferable (can be used)
  3. Property donated it can be used forever
  4. Use of this waqf property must be required by legislation.

  Type of Waqf   Type of Waqf Property  
  1. Public Waqf: An Endowment, established for charitable purposes in accordance with Islamic law generally
  2. Special Waqf An Endowment created for specific charitable purposes according to Islamic Law
  3. Shares Waqf: Shares of companies or businesses or shares in existing abridged Endowments

  1. Waqf Al - Iqar (Immovable Property): Consists of the garden, the site of the mosque, site building, site and other schools. Including waqf al-Qar permanent building.
  2. Al-Manqul Waqf (Waqf Movable Property): Examples of such equipment mosque prayer mats, and others
  3. Waqf Al-Musya: Property that is shared with others who can not be divided, like the two owners of a car, one of the owners of these cars waqf
  4. Waqf Haq Al-Irtifaq: donating one level of which consists of several levels
  5. Waqf Al -Irsad: Endowments by the government for public purposes. Examples of government endowed land for school construction

Waqf Procedure
Documents required for waqf land (all / part):
  1. Form KTN 14A / 12A / 12B
  2. Form instrument waqf
  3. Approval letter waqf
  4. Copy of identity card waqif
  5. Copies of land grants
  6. The latest land tax receipt
Documents required if the heirs of the deceased dedicating property:
  1. Copy of the death certificate
  2. Copy of identity card
  3. Copy of applicant's identity card
  4. Copy of identity card the heir
  5. Copies of land grants
  6. Land tax receipts

General Resources

General source known as the treasury, is a form of administrative control properties Muslims who die do not inherit or inherit but not eliminating all parts by faraid.

General Resources property can be broken down into several scopes such as:
  1. Inheritance Estate administration / Wills
  2. Hibah
  3. Sadaqah
  4. Individuals Donation
  5. Luqatah
  6. Interest Money
  7. Fidyah
  8. Insurance Funds
  9. Bad Debts
  10. Rentals Revenue
  11. Investment Revenue
  12. Nazar
  13. Kafarah
  1. Prepare plans and land search for waqf cases and general resource
  2. Prepare reports for the application of waqf land and land revenue Baitulmal
  3. Make a visit to the site and identify land for the purposes of the action / directive
  4. Obtain signature waqif for transfer form 14A and 12B Hand-owned part of the land
  5. Get the search and evaluation of waqf land tax and treasury.
  6. Attend the power and discretion of the trial process of land acquisition for cases involving MAIM.
  7. Registering a transfer form and submit owned part of the land office
  8. To handle the enforcement process against encroachment of Waqf

  9. Inheritance Estate Management (faraid)

    Faraid in terms of language has many meanings. Among them is decisive, sure, legalize and obliging. According to the terms of Personality ', is the division of property inheritance is a Muslim who had died and did not leave a will before his death. Then the property will be divided legacy to his heir (such as children, wife, husband, mother, etc.), according to Islamic law.


    Fidyah mean are a measure for the local staple food given to the poor represent a missed one day of Ramadan fasting on it. Malaysian society is the staple food rice, then a quart of rice donated to the poor to represent a day of fasting. Rice quart size is approximately of 670gram. For example, a person has to leave the fast of five days, then he should pay the bill by 5 quarts of rice to the poor


    Hibah means giving a property to the nominee / beneficiary on the basis of love and humanity without expecting anything in return.


    In terms of language, Luqatah is something that is found in soil, according to Islamic law is the treasure found in an area that is not owned, maintained and inventor does not recognize its owner. Luqatah also mean lost treasure of his master and found by others. It is also defined as a respected property without the property which is found in a place that should not be saved and the inventor does not know the person entitled to the property.


    Definition of nazar by definition is simply oblige yourself to do something with the intention of accompanying practice of self to God. For example, someone said: If God healed me of this disease, then I will fast for three days and so on. Nazar shall be executed as soon as he recovered from his illness


    From the point of language (al-Kafr) which means closing. Kafarah named because it closes sin and get relief from Allah swt * From the standpoint terms it means an act that can remove sin be freed slave, charity and fasting with certain conditions. It is also a masonry negligence committed by men in action.


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